The Cliffs gives your kids so much more than just rock climbing! Our instructors facilitate a jam-packed day designed to utilize every aspect of our spacious facility. Some of our awesome activities include:

  • GIANT SWING // The floor is lava, but a rope swing will get you from island to island!
  • ROCK CLIMBING // Tower over your peers from 50 feet off the ground!
  • CRATE STACKING // How high can you stack a crate tower before it all tumbles down?
  • EAGLE'S NEST // Teamwork is essential in this exciting challenge to reach the "nest" atop a pole supported by your peers.
  • RAPPELLING // Take control of your descent while lowering off a tall tower.

Non-profit rates available. Give us a call at 914.328.7625 or email us using the form below for details + inquiries.